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Buyback Terms and Conditions

General information

By submitting a buyback, you are stating that you are the rightful owner of and have the right to sell the items listed. You also agree to the terms and conditions as outlined on this page and have read and understand our buyback FAQ completely. Buybacks must be postmarked within five business days of creation for quotes to be valid.

What we buy

We buy new and used books with a valid ISBN, as well as movies and video games with a valid UPC. We also buy international editions of some textbooks. Books without a valid ISBN or UPC are not accepted. Please check to determine the specific books, movies, and video games we are currently buying, as pricing and eligibility changes frequently.

Buyback quotes

Buyback quotes are valid for the exact item entered. For books, this means the exact ISBN and edition on the quote must match the item received. Make sure to enter items correctly to receive the correct quote. The most accurate way to find the ISBN of a book is on the copyright page. Books with an ISBN stickered on the back may be misrepresented.

If we receive an item that is different in either version or condition than recorded, your quote will be adjusted. You will be paid the current quote for the exact item received. Many novels have multiple versions with different ISBNs, and textbooks can have different editions. In many cases we may purchase only newer editions and versions. If we receive an item that we are not purchasing, it will be discarded.

Have more items to add to your buyback?

If you send us an item that is not on the quote, and we are buying that item, it will be purchased at the current price. If we are not buying that item, it will be recycled and will not be returned.

Selling used books

Many books come with CDs, access codes, manuals, or other supplementary materials. When selling a book to us, used items must include all supplements. Books that are received without supplements typically have a much lower value or no value at all and your quote will be adjusted accordingly.

Condition of used books

Most used books are considered multiple-use items and may contain some highlighting or writing. However, study guides, workbooks, lab / special manuals, and law books may not contain more than six pages with writing on them. If any of these items are received in unacceptable condition, they will be recycled or donated and will not be returned to you.

Damaged books

We do not buy items with any kind of visible damage, including but not limited to water or liquid damage, spine damage, loose or missing pages, and books with torn, taped, or missing covers. Books must be in sellable condition to be purchased. Books that are rejected by your local bookstore because they are in poor condition will also be rejected by us.

Other unacceptable books

We do not buy or sell custom editions, used loose-leaf or binder ready products, used or opened software, or defective or misprinted books.

Rejected books

Items that we are not currently buying, are damaged, or are otherwise rejected because they violate our purchasing guidelines will be discarded and not returned to you. Read our FAQ carefully to ensure that all of the items you plan to sell are eligible for a buyback.

Items not received

We are not responsible for items lost in the mail or missing. Our pre-paid FedEx labels are insured at $100 per box. Use multiple boxes and unique labels if the value of your books is greater than $100.

Packages sent using pre-paid USPS labels are not insured. We recommend you choose to purchase your own insurance for USPS Ground shipments. However, we do not provide reimbursement for the cost of this. Uninsured USPS shipments that arrived damaged are your responsibility. We are not responsible for books that are lost in mail or missing.

All items are inspected by us upon receipt. You understand and agree that if, in our sole discretion, any item is determined or suspected by us to be counterfeit or otherwise infringing on any law or the intellectual property rights of any party, we may retain and destroy the item without payment to you and without giving rise to any other obligation to you. You also understand and agree that we will not return or otherwise distribute any items determined or suspected by us to be counterfeit or otherwise infringing on any law or the intellectual property rights of any party. You will hold harmless and indemnify us for any claim arising from the receipt of infringing or otherwise unlawful goods from you.

This service is currently only offered for customers in the United States.